Math Resources

These are some of the on-line resources that you might find helpful as you are learning this course.  If you find other great math resource web sites, do let me know, and I will put them on my Math Resources page.

  • The Math Center located in Cascade Hall.  One to one math tutoring is provided for free to current WCC students there. Some satellite tutoring areas can also be found in other building on the WCC campus.
  •  Math Center Video
  • WCC Online Math Center– This is a link to a website that is designed for WCC students and faculty. It has useful information about calculators, yearly WCC math class information, website help, real data, and many other types of mathematical information.
  • Khan Academy– This website has great videos on many topics with step by step ways to learn the material.  It also has self-tests to determine when you have mastered a new concept correctly. 
  • Purple Math– This website contains lessons on lots of algebra topics.  It provides suggestions for doing homework, and recommends useful study skills.  There are also self-surveys and links to other helpful resources.
  • Math TV– This link has videos listed by topic and has videos of various algebra topics.  Under the title “algebra” there are links to functions, factoring, exponents, logarithms, etc.  There are also links to calculus topics.  
  • Algebra Worksheets

Calculator Resources for Students:

  • WCC Online Math Center Then click on “Calculator”.  You will see links for Texas Instrument, Hewlet Packard, Casco, and Others
  • Hotmath– This link will take you to the calculator videos on The regular hotmath site provides tutoring and homework help to students for a fee. This section of the website, that has videos demonstrating basic calculator functions, is free
  • Macon State Calculator Tutorials: Here are some calculator tutorials developed by a faculty member at Macon State College.  Most of these are text-based, but they have screenshots of the calculator to help you follow along.

Factoring Resources from Nathan Hall:

In regards to factoring resources, here is a link to a purple math page that approaches the process using the “box” method. This is similar to the grouping method, as it works in all situations, but since it is less grounded in algebraically equivalent steps, we may not want to encourage it.   I’ve see students use it with success though.  

Here’s a grouping video from Khan academy.A nice general description of the process, which I don’t think our book really outlines well can be found here.  This looks like a good collection of materials to begin with.

Of course, students can also look at a general outline of all topics in 97 here, with links concerning factoring in general at the bottom of the page.


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